Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy. I’m the type of person who needs to plan every trip. When it comes to Tuscany, there is no point in creating an itinerary. You will never stick to your plan. There are too many hidden spots along the way, waiting for you to discover. Make sure to make a note of the highlights and famous cities, but most of all – let Tuscany surprise you. It’s known for its wonderful landscapes, picturesque towns, exquisite food, traditional wines and lots of history. Sounds pretty good, right?  Cinque Terre This isn’t Tuscany yet, but wait for it – we’ll get there. They say that the villages of Cinque Terre are the most beautiful villages in Italy. I must say – I wasn’t quite sure about that. I think it’s a bit overrated and I wasn’t exactly excited – but that had everything to do with…