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Travel related Dutch sayings (and the translation doesn’t make sense)

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Have you ever tried talking to someone using nothing but Google translate? It’s hilarious. In Dutch, we have a lot of sayings – each of them with their specific meaning. It’s pretty funny to use any of these expressions when talking to someone in English. The translation doesn’t make sense. Here’s a list of 10 travel related sayings:

#1 Een Keulse reis doen
Literally translated: doing a Cologne trip
Meaning: to stay away for a really long time

#2 In de aap gelogeerd zijn
Literally translated: stayed in the monkey
Meaning: to end up in an unpleasant situation

#3 Een ommelandse reis maken
Literally translated: to make a round trip
Meaning: to make a big detour

#4 Op de kloosters reizen
Literally translated: traveling on top of the monasteries
Meaning: to spend the night at a friend’s place or with family

#5 Het anker lichten
Literally translated: to weigh the anchor
Meaning: go somewhere or continue traveling

#6 Een vergeefse reis maken
Literally translated: to make a futile journey
Meaning: not achieving what you wanted to achieve

#7 Een stomme bedevaart maken
Literally translated: to make a stupid pilgrimage
Meaning: to travel by yourself

#8 In behouden haven zijn
Literally translated: to be in retained port
Meaning: to arrive safely after a trip

#9 Met bed en bult
Literally translated: with bed and bump
Meaning: to go on a journey and take all your belongings with you

#10 Op vakantie leert men zijn echte vrienden kennen
Literally translated: you get to know your real friends on vacation
Meaning: going on a trip with someone is the best way to get to know the other person

Have you ever talked to someone in a different language, using a typical expression from your home country?Β  How did it go?



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