District of Columbia

Postcards from Washington D.C.

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I’ve always been fascinated by old photos, the stories behind it and the people in it. After doing some research and writing a similar article about Paris, I thought it would be a good idea to start doing this for other cities as well. DC is a city with a lot of history but it looks really modern. The stories are hidden behind the walls of the many white buildings. Many stories have been told in history books and went from one generation to another. Let’s be honest, you could explain a story in a thousand words but it will never have the same effect as one photograph.

Ronald Reagan National Airport – July 1, 1941

Ronald Reagan National Airport is the national airport for domestic flights. The airport is located in Arlington, Virginia. The original name was Washington National Airport but it was changed in 1998 and named after Ronald Reagan, former president of the United States. The airport opened for business on June 16, 1941. This picture was taken at the entrance, two weeks after opening.

Old Post Pavilion – 1911

This was taken at the intersection of 12th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The Old Post Pavilion was used as the main post office until 1914. Today, it’s a nice place to go shopping or dining. A highlight is the clock tower which offers a 360 degree view.

7th Street NW – early 1900s

This is 7th Street NW, looking North from G Street. One thing that caught my eye is the American flag on the right. Flags everywhere – this has always been a symbol of the U.S., even today.

Ebbitt House – 1903

File:Ebbitt House Washington DC 1903.jpg

The Ebbitt House was a hotel and restaurant on the southeast corner of 14th and F Street. In 1846, it was sold to Caleb C. Willard, the owner of the Willard Hotel. This hotel was located a couple of blocks away. The Ebbitt house was razed in 1926 and the National Press Building was built at the exact same place.

The National Mall- circa 1900

File:National Mall circa 1900 - Washington DC.jpg

Honestly, I don’t recognize the National Mall. Apparently, this was taken somewhere between 9th and 6th Street NW. The Capitol building should be somewhere on the right but is not in this picture.

The White House – 1846

The construction of the White House was completed in November 1800. This is the White House in the 19th century and it hasn’t changed a bit. It’s the place of residence of the president of the U.S. and it will always be the most iconic building in DC.

The White House – November 3, 1924

The league of women voters at the White House. This organization was founded in 1920 and their goal was to help women take a larger role as they won the right to vote.

The United States Capitol – April 11, 1912

A group of children selling newspapers at the Capitol. This building, home of the United States Congress, was completed in 1800. It’s famous for its dome and definitely worth a visit.

Photos: wikimedia commons


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