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Traveling with a dog: yes please or a no go?

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It’s not always easy to travel with a pet. I could say more: it’s not easy at all. We love our pets and we love to travel but we don’t want to leave them behind. Let’s talk about dogs. When it comes to dogs, do we have options? Of course we do, but how many options do we have?

It might surprise you but traveling with a dog is one of the best decisions to make. Especially as a solo traveler… having a dog to keep you company could make the trip a whole lot better. Who doesn’t like a little road trip, right?

My dog vs the travelbug

The travelbug, it’s infective. I like to travel and my dog likes to travel (really, she does and that might be my fault) but there’s one problem: the destination and how to get there. Dogs aren’t allowed in a shop, restaurant, let alone on a plane. Well, some airlines will allow it but not all of them. Make sure to check the regulations first.

You can take them with you but I would feel guilty if I had to ditch her somewhere between the luggage of other people. All the hustle and bustle at the airport isn’t exactly great either. Besides, have you heard the noise on a plane? Poor thing, she’d be deaf.

No planes… but what about trains? Sure, this is a better solution but not for a long distance. Would you be interested in being locked up in a cage for hours? Right, that’s what I thought. My dog is really not interested in sitting still for 5 minutes (just like me, what a surprise).

The car might be the best solution. You can take a break whenever you want (or whenever the dog wants) even though it’s not always easy to keep them still or to keep them busy. I have to say, she’s so excited that she falls asleep and she could sleep for hours. Problem solved.

The first trip

Are there any other options? How about a boat? My dog her first big trip: Greece… on a boat. It was a big trip for a small puppy but she enjoyed every second of it. If you’re thinking about traveling to Greece with a dog… well, as you can see, it’s not impossible.

I’m sure there’s plenty of options but I’ll tell you about mine. The ferry company was called ANEK Lines. First, you’ll have to drive to Italy and there are different ways to get there:

  • Venice (IT – Igoumenitsa (GR)
  • Ancona (IT) – Igoumenitsa (GR)
  • Bari (IT) – Igoumenitsa (GR)

We decided to go for option number 2. It was easy and we only had to spend one night on the boat.


Keep in mind

When traveling in Europe, your dog needs:

  1. a European pet passport
  2. an identification chip
  3. a vaccination against rabies (and tapeworm Echinococcus in the UK)

Fun fact

Did you know that there are a lot of pet friendly hotels in the USA? I’m not just speaking about crappy places but luxury hotels… for dogs. I could say more: some hotels provide special pet menus and massages (you heard it right, massages – and yes, for dogs). I wish I was a dog…

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