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The mystery behind the Long Man of Wilmington

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The Long Man of Wilmington, a mysterious figure located in the hills of East Sussex, England. This figure is just as mysterious as the story behind it. There are many theories but the truth remains a secret. It’s just another mystery, just like Stonehenge or the Nazca lines in Peru.


How did it get there? Who made this figure? Why did theyΒ create it? How did theyΒ create it? Why this shape? We may never know.

There are many myths and stories…

One of the myths says it’s the print of a giant who was killed by another giant. Hard to believe? I agree.

One of the stories claims it’s a medieval figure, other stories claim it’s a prehistorical figure or even a Roman warrior. Makes more sense? Maybe.

The first reference to this figure was found in a drawing from 1710. It was the same shape, the same location and it said “Long Man of Wilmington’. However, this figure was holding a rake in one hand – not the current staff.

Until the 19th century, the shape could only be seen in specific weather conditions. However, archaeologists claim that the original shape had faded throughout the years. They decided to recreate the shape using bricks. In that case, it would be possible to see the Long Man from a distance.

I have to admit – “meeting” the Long Man was a bit spooky. We had a hard time trying to find this mythical figure and while it was sunny (not a single cloud around) – once we started climbing to the top, the weather started changing. I never made it to the top. Bad luck, the typical English weather, a curse or maybe he just didn’t like me.

Where can you find this Long Man? South Downs Way, Wilmington, East Sussex.


  1. O ! We have been looking for it when travelling to Cornwall and never found it. It’s a very intrigueing figure, with all the myths about it. Would love to go back to England to see it one day!

    • That’s too bad! It’s not easy to find, it took us a while. Apparently there should be more figures like this in England, like horses, but I’ve only seen this one so far. England is full of myths πŸ™‚

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