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I’m Cindy, a twenty-something girl who lives in a small country somewhere in Europe. It’s called Belgium. Yes, it explains my bad English, and guess what?! I’m about to write this blog in English. That will be hilarious.

I’m social (I talk a lot, or too much), down to earth (I never liked flying anyway), goofy (not the Disney character, obviously) person. I’m pretty good at rambling, daydreaming, storytelling, overthinking, late night writing, stressing out and being sarcastic about 90% of the time. I like adventures (but don’t exaggerate, I’m not a fan of heights) and I love to travel. By the way, I don’t travel light and cheap. It’s more heavy and expensive (I’ll have to work on that one). Oh, and if you tell me not to do something, I’m still going to do it. I don’t consider myself a social media influencer because I have zero influence on social media. It’s the other way around, social media has a big influence on me. Last but not least, I take random pictures wherever I go. I’m the girl with the camera in her hand whenever she leaves the house. Most people hate it. By the way, I’m a dog person. Just saying.

But let’s be serious for a second.

Story of my life

I always felt like I had it all sorted out and I knew exactly what I wanted. But what if life suddenly gives up on you? What if life suddenly doesn’t go as planned? What if literally everything goes wrong? I was always moving forward in life. I had goals, I had a plan, everything went well, until a couple years ago. I had to deal with health issues, personal issues, health issues again, and ended up in a vicious circle. I wasn’t moving forward anymore. I was moving backwards. I felt like I had lost control. I came to this point where I actually felt like giving up, wondering how to deal with all of it. It’s not about being weak, it’s about being too strong for too long. You have to break down at some point and that is exactly what happened. Life gave up on me and I gave up on life.

I knew that I had to find a way to fix everything but some things could not be fixed. Some things would never be the same and I had to accept it. I wasn’t able to accept it. Things are going better now. Not all of them, but some things. I still feel like I have a lot of catching up to do. I feel like I haven’t been living lately.

I see everyone around me start their lives and settle down. The people around me have found a place to live, a good job… Well, not all of them, some of them are doing a job they hate, without making any changes. But is it really that simple to make a change? Not always. Anyway, everyone has a plan for the future and I… well, I have no idea what I’m even doing right now. I do know one thing: I will never settle for less than what I really want. I came to this point where I started thinking about ‘what do I really want in life?’ and ‘what is the meaning of life?’ The answer was more difficult than expected: I had literally no idea. The only thing I want is to be happy. But isn’t that what we all want? So I started thinking about what would make me happy. The answer: escape. Escape the rat race, escape small minded people, escape life. But how do you start? Travel? First off, traveling costs a lot of money. How do you travel all the time with a full time job? The answer: you don’t. You need a lot of time management and it brings a lot of stress. See, I’m still trying to figure things out but that’s the process of life. That’s how we grow.

Anyway, I’m rambling again. Let’s go back to where it all started. Let’s stay positive and go back to the happy times.

Traveling wasn’t exactly a choice. I was forced to do it. No, not in a bad way, but that’s how it felt when I was young (well, I’m still young – but you know what I mean). I went on vacation about 3 or 4 times a year. My parents took me to a lot of cities but who is interested in culture and history at the age of… let’s say 8?! I had to wander through those cities for hours and the only thing I could think about was ‘are we there yet?’ followed by ‘are we going home yet?’ and ‘I’m hungry’ in between. That’s when I was young, but what happens when you’re turning into a teenager? Teenagers and parents on vacation together… that’s just asking for trouble. I turned into the most antisocial person ever, spending most of my time staring at my phone, complaining to friends about how “fun” my vacation was. I am literally ashamed now, but that’s how it was.

After all, it turned out just fine because traveling became my passion. I’ve been to most countries in Europe so far, but there is still so much more on the list. Hopefully I’ll be able to continue my travels in the future and to continue my other passion: writing about it and maybe (just maybe) sharing it with the world.

But enough about me… what’s your story?