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5 myths about flying (and I’m sure you’ve heard them before)

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Flying is something exciting and mysterious at the same time. Thousands of flights all over the world and for some reason, the plane is able to stay in the air (well, most of the time). Have you heard some scary or ridiculous stories about planes before? I think we all have.

Seat belts fastened because these 5 myths are NOT true.

1. Turbulence is dangerous

Turbulence is not dangerous, even though I hate it just as much as you do. It’s not a safety issue and the plane is not going to crash. It just feels annoying, horrible, drives some people crazy and sometimes even makes you sick. We’ve all been there. Truth is, you don’t know whether you’ll be experiencing a turbulent flight or not – neither does the pilot or the crew. Pilots will always do their best to avoid turbulence because – like I said – it’s annoying. Think of it like a bumpy road. The driver (in this case the pilot) will try to find a better road but that’s not always possible because there’s other traffic (planes) as well. That’s how you should look at it.

What can you do to make a turbulent flight as good as possible?
First of all, it starts with your seat. When booking your seat, try to find a place close to the wings. Do not book a seat in the tail. Secondly, try to book a flight with departure in the early morning or in the evening. Not in the middle of the day. Of course, it depends on the weather and this is something you can’t predict. It also depends on the destination and the area of the airport. Again, you can’t really predict it. You can only hope there won’t be any turbulence or at least only temporary and not during the entire flight. Last but not least, stay calm. Hyperventilating will only make things worse (trust me, I’ve been there).

2. A thunderstorm will make your plane crash

I know this will probably freak you out but planes get hit by lightning on daily basis. They are built to withstand lightning strikes and it’s actually very safe. This doesn’t mean it’s fun to end up in a thunderstorm. It also doesn’t mean you won’t feel a thing when you end up in a storm because turbulence, as mentioned before, is highly uncomfortable and it’s better to avoid this.

3. You can open the emergency door at all times

You can’t. Try it, I dare you. Let me explain. When the plane is in the air, there’s too much pressure in the cabin which makes it impossible to open the door (unless you had the strength of some kind of superhuman). Even though it is basically impossible, I wouldn’t recommend you to try it.

4. You’ll get drunk more easily on a plane

If that was the case, the majority of passengers would be drunk, right? This has nothing to do with the air or the cabin pressure. It is true that there is less oxygen in the air so it can make you feel dizzy, which gives the impression of being intoxicated. It’s also true that food on a plane has a different taste and this is probably the same with alcohol (I’ve never tried it though) but it doesn’t get you drunk faster.

5. The toilet door is closed so you’re safe

Well actually, you’re not. I think most people don’t know this and I was a bit surprised when I found out myself but apparently the door can be opened from the outside. Scary, isn’t it?! There’s still the “occupied” sign and most of the time, there’s a line of people waiting (no pressure or anything) but it’s possible. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean someone will just pull the door open while you’re in there. The flight attendant has to be able to open this door at all times (but they will knock first). It’s basically a form of safety.

Have you heard any other myths? Did you believe them? 



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