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Life’s more than social media (step away from the phone, now)

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Social media is taking over our lives. Run, it’s not too late (yet)!

I’ll admit it, I’m just as bad as you. I’m constantly checking on messages and notifications. It’s an addiction. I used to be a huge Facebook addict but right now I’m an Instagram addict. By the way, if you haven’t seen my Instagram yet, click here (not self promotional or anything). No wait, what are you doing?! This article is about changing your habits… Don’t click that link! Let me guess… too late?

Life’s passing by and we don’t even see it because we’re too busy staring at a screen

Our social life is dead. It’s all in our phone. It’s called technology – but you know what?! It’s pathetic. Look around you. Everyone (but literally everyone) is staring at their phone. I mean… What the hell is happening?!

It’s a competition to be the best. Nothing more than that

Why are we addicted? It wasn’t like this in the past, right? It’s all about showing off, pretending to live the perfect life and a competition to be the best. Life shouldn’t be a competition at all. The only thing we want is as many likes and followers as possible. Oh, and preferably as many comments as possible. Showing off your beach body, only showing the happy times, posting photos of your food and acting like you’re having dinner in a high class restaurant every single day, or having breakfast in London and dinner in New York, pretending to be the owner of a yacht in the Carribean, … The list is endless. I’m guilty to all of this (well, not the yacht… or the breakfast/dinner thing…probably not the beach body either…) – but who isn’t?!

Don’t forget about your 10k friends on Instagram

What are we doing, people? Is this how you want to spend the rest of your life? Just you and your phone? Oh, and don’t forget your 10k friends on Instagram. Oh right, they’re not friends. You don’t even know half of them. Are they going to be there for you when times get rough? Are they going to be your big support? Okay okay, it’s not all bad. I’ve met some really great people due to social media and I was fortunate enough to meet some of them in person – but what about your other 9000 followers? Trust me, they don’t give a shit. Excuse my language, but seriously… I think we could all use a wake up call here.

Social media is making us unhappy

Does it make you happy? You might feel important because you just got 50 comments on your new post but at the same time you’re sitting there… all by yourself, at home, staring at your phone. It makes you feel lonely, even more than you were before. It causes jealousy towards other people. Remember being in high school when it was all about social status? This popular person has a new phone so I should buy one, too. Years later, it hasn’t changed a bit and social media is only making it worse. The pressure is too much. We start seeing it as reality. What we’re seeing on our screen, that’s how it is supposed to be. At least that’s what we’re thinking – but it’s not.

It’s never too late to make a change. Or is it?

Should we do something about it? Is it even possible to do something about it? Are you willing to change your behavior? I think we’re addicted and it might be too late at this point. I remember 5 years ago (and it’s only 5 years ago…), I used to check my Facebook once a day. Perhaps two hours in total. Today, I’m spending half the day on social media. I don’t think I would be able to stop using it completely. It’s a (big) part of my life and I think it’s the same for you, isn’t it?

I don’t know what the future will bring. No one does. It’s almost the New Year and I think this might be one of my resolutions – spending less time on social media.






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