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Airports: where connections are made

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I believe in the power of airports and I believe in the power of human speech. Bring these two together and you’ll have a connection far beyond cultural differences or spoken languages. Airports are places with so many people. Different backgrounds. Different stories. Different emotions. You’ll never know the true story behind their smile or the true reason behind their tears. Each one of us with our own destination and a specific reason to go somewhere.

Connected with planes

I won’t tell you about that time I cried my eyes out at the airport (for the first time in my life) but I will tell you a different story.

I remember meeting someone at customs (after I accidentally hit him in the face with my elbow), we talked a bit and he told me about visiting his boyfriend and how they are connected with planes. They met on a plane and have been crossing oceans since then. We talked about something like this but never mentioned our destination so we went our own way. A different direction. A few moments later, we ran into each other again, between hundreds of other people. Guess what?! We were on the same plane. Even better, he was sitting three rows in front of me. How weird is that?! It makes you believe in a certain power beyond our control. I don’t know what it is but it certainly makes you believe in something.

Perhaps I needed this encounter, perhaps it was a lesson for me. I might find out sooner or later or maybe I never will.

Airports are places where genuine connections are made. Literally and figuratively. I might’ve lost faith in a big part of humanity but I’ll never lose faith in the existence of a few good souls, like this person – because chasing love like this without giving up is the best example of true love. It exists and it might be waiting for you, somewhere, and it might all start with an airport.

That place where everyone seems to be happy

It’s also that one place where everyone seems to be happy (unless your flight got cancelled or delayed). All different people with the same goal: traveling. They’re going on vacation, they’re going on a business trip or they’re on their way home. Either way, an airport is a place where a story starts or ends. It’s a place where memories are made or a place where memories are about to be made.



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