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A guide to Old Town Alexandria

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Old Town Alexandria is a charming little town in the state of Virginia, close to Washington DC. It’s the perfect location for a weekend away from the big city. The city of Alexandria was founded in 1749 and it used to be the hometown of George Washington, the first president of the United States.


King Street

King Street is the main street. This is the place for shopping and dining. Are you a foodie? Well, there’s plenty of choice. You can go for the all American food, Italian food, French food and lots of seafood.

It’s a nice place for an evening stroll but don’t worry, you could also take the free King Street trolley. The trolley will take you back in time and you’ll be at your destination in no time.



Row houses

The houses in this area are just lovely. I think it’s really charming. You’ll fall in love with the colonial architecture because this isn’t something you can find just anywhere in the world. You’ll find houses in all different colors. Which color would you prefer?


DSC01122 - kopie

DSC01123 - kopieDSC01132 - kopie

Spite house

This is the smallest house in Alexandria. It’s easy to just walk by and don’t even see it. This house was built in 1830 and it’s only 7 feet wide and 325 square feet. Back in time, it was one of the two houses that directly bordered an alley that attracted a lot of horse-drawn carriages and loiterers. John Hollensburry built this house to prevent people from using the alleyway. You can still see tracks on the brick walls of the living room. It’s nice to see this place but remember, it’s a private property.

DSC01129 - kopieAddress: 523 Queen Street

Captain’s row

The only cobblestone road in old town. The houses over here used to be the residence of sea captains. The street got its name from captain John Harper, who was very succesful in overseas trade and owned a lot of property on Prince Street.


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Wilkes street tunnel

This small tunnel was part of the Orange & Alexandria railroad, founded in 1848, to promote trade with Western Virginia. The tunnel linked the railroad to warehouses and wharves along the waterfront of the Potomac river. The Wilkes street tunnel continued to be in operation until 1975. Today, it’s Alexandria’s only 19th century transportation site which is still intact.


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Old town national harbor

The harbor is quite small but it’s still a nice place to visit if you’re into harbor towns. Personally, I’ve always loved waterfront views so I didn’t skip this one either.


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George Washington Masonic National Memorial

This monument is dedicated to the memory of George Washington. It’s a museum with many artifacts and you can take daily tours. It’s also part of the citypass which includes 8 historic sites for the price of $15. Don’t forget to go all the way up to the observation deck.

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Fun fact: Alexandria was ranked #1 most romantic city in the USA. Do you need another reason to visit?!


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