My Travel Bucket List

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Everyone has heard of the concept ‘bucket list’, a so-called list which contains all the things you would like to do before you die. Of course there’s also a ‘travel bucket list’, a list with all the trips you would still like to make. I’ve been thinking about what places I would like to visit and… Oh, wait, my travel bucket list and my bucket list are pretty much the same. I would like to share it with you guys.

First off, there are some countries I’ve never been to. One country closer than the other. In order of proximity:
– Iceland
– Canada
– Singapore
– Australia/Tasmania (and New Zealand, why not?)

A lot of people go backpacking in Australia. Somehow this attracts me and somehow it doesn’t. I’m someone who likes to have everything in order and arranged in advance. To find accommodation, in a place you haven’t been before, it just seems too stressful. I prefer to know where I’m going to stay, and how to get there,  before I get there. I can’t just leave with an ‘we’ll see’ attitude. However, it would be better to leave with that attitude because it could turn into the best adventure ever. Anyway, I’m a fan of kangaroos so it has to happen one day.

Some other things on my list:
– Road trip USA
Admit it, this is everyone’s dream, no? It seems so nice to cross the country all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast. You can stop whenever you want, wherever you want. No pressure, no deadlines, just the open road.
– swimming with dolphins
– see the Northern Lights
– swimming with pigs (Pig Beach Bahamas)
– safari in South Africa
– the Pyramids in Egypt
– Machu Picchu
– NYE on Times Square

This seems to be the best place to celebrate NYE. I’m sure that there are better places, but you have to experience this at least once in your life. It’s probably way too busy, which makes it less pleasant. On the other hand, NYE is something you have to experience in group and not alone. Besides, I never said that I would enjoy standing there for hours, in a crowd almost as big as the population of Belgium. It would be just as nice to experience it from a hotel room with view on the crowd, sitting on the balcony with a bottle of champagne or maybe a rooftop bar. One can dream, right? But remember, dreams do come true. It’s all up to you.

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